When I was in elementary school I was introduced to the author, Madeleine L’Engle through her book, A Wrinkle in Time. The first of a series, the Time Quintet, I believe that book found me. It was my introduction to the mystic.
Years go by. I was around 25, going on a road trip, and checked out an audio book; the second book in that series called, A Wind In The Door. In the first book, L’Engle tells the story from the perspective of a son and daughter (Charles and Meg Wallace) who are traveling through space and time to rescue their father. They travel out into the cosmos; the macro.

In the second book, A Wind in the Door, they’re doing exactly the opposite, going down to a micro level. The book takes place in the mitochondria of a cell in the body of Charles Wallace. The reader imagines that inside the mitochondria of a cell, there exists a whole other universe — that’s where this story takes place.
Charles Wallace, was sick because in the mitochondria of one of his cells, a group from a life form that existed there called Farandole, were refusing to go deeper — refusing to go to The Deepening Place. They were running around, screeching, completely self absorbed, and oblivious to the fact that their refusal to deepen was threatening the life of their host (which would lead to their own destruction). The Farandolae were being encouraged by the Echthros (the forces of darkness) not to deepen.

I thought to myself, “That’s what the people in this world are doing — they’re refusing to deepen.” I hoped then that one day I would do something to help, that it would be named “The Deepening Place.” I didn’t know what it was going to be, but all of these years later, the “something” has manifested as this podcast.
What we’re encountering right now, in my mind, is this book playing out. There is so much division; people choosing sides and refusing to deepen, to get below their mind to a deeper level of consciousness.
When we only operate from our mind or ego, we can’t really see the “other”, and it’s easy to disregard them. In the book, that’s what the the Echthros was encouraging; to disregard the other, to x them out so that the light of their being would be extinguished.

People are running around screeching that the sky is falling; all the Chicken Littles. They’re refusing to deepen, focusing on what’s happening on the outside of them. I see three different types of people: apathetic individuals who are ignoring it all and hope it goes away, those who see the darkness overshadowing the light and are working to overcome the darkness, and those who are so focused on the perceived sins of others that they don’t realize the answer is to bring forth the light from within themselves.