A third manifestation of the divine dance is the commitment of life to another.

A person who meets your needs: mind (intellect), body (physical attraction), and spirit (values, vision).

He offers his life, she says, “yes” and offers hers.

A woman is able to surrender to his commitment and strength when she feels safe and treasured.

This balance makes the divine dance possible.

A mature man who has done his inner work, who joins with a mature woman who has done the same, establishes a life-giving partnership based on mutual trust and respect.

Intimacy is balance, flow.

On the masculine side it’s giving (offering),

On the feminine side it’s receiving (accepting).

Consider how an actual life is made:

The man gives, the woman receives,

the woman nurtures the life within.

The woman gives, the man receives,

the man nurtures the life without.

Notice they are taking turns giving and receiving; in and out, back and forth.

That is how life in a relationship is sustained: a continual, mutual giving and receiving.

If you are in a relationship that is far from this ideal, start with you (see previous post, Divine Dance Part I: Inner).

Changing the dance can change everything. It only takes one person to change the dance.

Image: Preillumination Seth/Unsplash