The Divine Dance is a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Creating this balance in your own heart, learning to love yourself, is essential. When you learn to love and respect yourself, you demand others treat you the same way. You also are able to offer that love and respect to others.

In the Bible, when Jesus was asked about the greatest command, he said you should love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.

If you haven’t learned to love yourself, you will struggle to love others the way you desire to.

Balancing the Great Mother (nurture and care) and the Great Father (structure and order) in your heart, allows that same energy to flow out naturally toward the people you love and care about.

Sometimes the person in front of you needs structure and order, sometimes nurture and care. If you’ve established this practice for yourself, you can discern what the situation calls for instead of defaulting to fear and judgement.

Your presence will be a generative, life-giving force to those you love and care about.

Image: Chris Benson/Unsplash