Mutual, infinite, giving and receiving.

Masculine: Structure and Order

Feminine: Nurture and Care

We are all of us both; masculine and feminine.

Establishing this balance within yourself is foundational.

People often internalize the voice of a critical parent (or other authority figure). When fear, insecurity, exhaustion, or any perceived weakness arises, they can be brutal to themselves and push themselves harder.

I had a client who was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He lived alone, worked an insane amount, reported to tyrannical bosses, and continually criticized himself for his weaknesses.

When he started to buy good food for himself, establish a meditation/contemplation practice, and balance the inner critic with self-compassion, his difficult life became tolerable and he began to formulate a vision to improve his work situation.

Some consequences of being out of balance:

Remain stuck in a bad situation because of low energy,

Outsource the need for nurture and care to others (relationships),

Numbing (substances, porn, food).

You are responsible for being a good mother (nurture and care) and a good father (structure and order) to yourself.

Practice treating yourself like someone you care about. It may take time.

Image: Omid Arminian/Unsplash