AUSTIN, TX – Men are often a victim of the “toxic masculinity” for which they are blamed. This pressure placed upon men causes significant psychological and societal harm. Men are not always taught the balance between the masculine and feminine required to nurture and care for themselves and to establish healthy relationships with women (including the mother figure). This is a critically important issue that, unfortunately, gets overlooked far too often, but Angela Abide believes she can help.

Angela Abide is a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. She teaches clients to practice self-led mediation as a way to manage their mind and emotions, their relationships with others, and their interactions in the world.

Over the course of her career as a psychotherapist, Angela developed a deep interest in masculinity and the specific challenges faced by men. Through her passion and knowledge, she developed Mission Manhood as a healthy approach to the development of a positive view of masculinity. Mission Manhood emphasizes three key aspects of the journey toward mature masculinity.

The first is recognizing the “Foundational Wound,” which might be a traumatic experience from childhood or simply needs that for whatever reason, parents were unable to fulfill. Recognizing this wound and learning to be a good parent to the wounded parts is not just the first step towards mature masculinity, but a blueprint for being a good parent and allowing vulnerability in relationships going forward.

The “Divine Dance” is a key that emphasizes an embrace of femininity. Men are often taught from a young age to shun any feminine energy they might possess. They are told to “toughen up” and “not be a sissy.”  This can lead to things like addiction, fear of commitment, and avoidance of intimacy. Through examining the “great mother” and sacred feminine as well as past relationship patterns, men can learn to free themselves and “dance” again.

The final key is using the archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover to show men where their natural talents and tendencies lie. From there, they finalize their journey to embracing a more complete version of themselves, and can often learn to stay balanced on their own once they learn how to recognize the difference between the mature masculine and the immature masculine.

Angela is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast, the Mission Manhood Podcast. This podcast will feature men who embrace mature masculinity and embody the archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. They’ll talk about their respective journeys toward the mature masculine and how self-fulfillment as a man can have a positive impact not just on themselves, but also on the people they love and serve. Angela is excited to have a platform for more regular, in-depth discussion about how to learn, launch, and live mature masculinity:

Learn: How childhood and conditioning influences a man’s current way of thinking and being. Move from reacting and judging to thinking clearly and discerning.

Launch: Understand the role of Hero in vanquishing fear and other obstacles that stand in the way of their vision. Define the role of the Great Father so they may understand their duty and purpose as a mature man.

Live: Establish a clear understanding of their role as a visionary King, merciful Warrior, compassionate Lover, and intuitive Magician. Embrace the mature masculine; act justly, love mercy, walk humbly.

Angela offers coaching and consulting services for men interested in starting their journey and also to those who feel they are stuck and unable to move forward on their journey.  a FREE 30-minute introductory consultation, can be booked here.

Angela is the mother of three boys, works as a certified mediation trainer, and is also the host of The Deepening Place Podcast. She can be found on Instagram @angelaabide, @thedeepeningplace, and @missionmanhood. Stay up to date and receive monthly emails by signing up for her email list on her website.

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