Meet me in the middle for a Love Revolution

Angela Abide, M.Ed, LPC

Angela Abide is a wisdom teacher, a mediator, and a minister to the  middle. If you desire to see clearly, love yourself and others, tell your  truth, and do good works, her message is for you. Angela believes  your unique expression of life is a light the world desperately needs. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in Internal Family  Systems (IFS) therapy and an instructor with Conflict Resolution  Training (CRT), Angela’s experience has taught her that learning self  love is the foundation for healing, growth and change. 

She teaches people to practice self-led mediation as a way to manage  their mind and emotions. From there, she believes it is possible to  cultivate compassionate relationships with others, expand into a larger  community to find meaning, and contribute to the collective good.  

Sitting with clients for hundreds of hours over the years, listening to  their life stories, Angela understand that we’re all just people;  experiencing the same fear, and the same longing to be loved and  accepted.  

Angela was motivated to create The Deepening Place Podcast  because of her concern about the division in our country and world.  She believes unity is possible through focussing on stared values,  rejecting fear, and cultivating love and compassion.  

Recently Angela launched a second podcast; Mission Manhood.  Working with men in her therapy practice, she developed an interest in  masculinity and the unique challenges men face. The podcast focuses  on; foundational wounds, the divine dance of masculine and feminine  energy, and the balance of the mature masculine archetypes of King,  Warrior, Magician and Lover. 

Currently a Texan, Angela has 3 sons and lives in Austin.




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Angela Abide

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