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I teach people to see clearly, love themselves, and manage their mind and emotions.

You can escape the cycle of being tossed about by your mind and emotions. You can learn to be a good Self-manager. You can learn to think freely and discern.

Once you “see” and learn to love yourself, that love flows out and makes unity with others possible.

Follow me, I’ll tell you what I know. Let’s make a difference.

Your Life Matters…


Weighted down by fearful and judgmental ideas, we cling to our beliefs, and hurl insults at the other side.

This happens in our internal system (mind and emotions) just like it happens in the world around us.

Because of the fear, judgement, and assault, we battle anxiety, depression, and a general hopelessness about the future.


The world is only changed through love and compassion. When we hold too tightly to our beliefs, we forget to see each other and being right becomes more important that being Love.

There is still time for a Love Revolution. It will take enough of us placing Unity as our highest good. Will you meet me in the middle?


Let’s create a space in the middle where people can be who they are and love each other.”

About Angela Abide

Sitting with clients for hundreds of hours over the years, listening to their life stories, I understand that we’re all just people; experiencing the same fear, and the same longing to be loved and accepted.

The Deepening Place Podcast is a space where I can share the things I’ve learned, and how I help people. It is a gathering place to share stories, and a safe place for discussing controversial topics in a civilized manner.

I’ll introduce you to some of my champions; those who are paying the price to be free.

I am a wisdom teacher, a minister to the middle, and my message is for those who want to see clearly, tell their truth, and do good works; all in Love.

Your unique expression of life is a light the world desperately needs.

Currently a Texan, I live with my 3 sons and have a psychotherapy practice in Austin.

“we’re all just people…”

Angela Abide

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